Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte was born on the Umoho Reservation in Northeast Nebraska. Dr. Susa was the first Native American Woman MD. Dr. Susan graduated from The Woman's Medical College College in Pennsylvania in 1889. After graduation, Dr. Susan returned to the reservation and opened a hospital in order to treat and educate the people on the Umoho Reservation. The hospital was completed in 1905, and Dr. Susan lived there until her passing in 1912. The hospital stands today, and is in need of restoration. The descendants of Dr. Susan would like to honor her legacy by restoring the hospital and transforming it into a living museum. The portraits on this page are of Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte's descendants. These people are her legacy. We are printing these portraits in platinum/palladium, and the proceeds from the sales of these prints will help fund these initiatives.